Prep School Attack

Prep School Attack

Be aware Prep Schools are lurking right around the corner.

The state of Indiana recently lost two of its top offensive linemen in the class of 2015 to prep schools.

Brownsburg lineman Evan Mallory joins former SB St Joe standout lineman Mirko Jurkovic at IMG Academy in Florida. Both players expressed a desire for more recruitment.

High School coaches beware your star underclass player may be on the recruiting radar of someone other than a college.

Here is the deal, Prep Schools may be here to stay and are becoming prevalent in football. For years we have heard of all the kids in basketball leaving for prep schools. As football coaches we assumed it was a problem exclusive to basketball. We chalked it up as shady AAU programs and street agents getting their mits into kids and controlling their future. The basketball problem has gotten out of control. It is not helped by national television showing countless prep school teams on a regular basis.

Prep schools were originally designed as a way for a student (not athlete) to garner a better academic record to achieve admittance into an Ivy League School. They powerhouses have exploded all across the country. Anyone with a few dollars and a will to "win" can now start a prep school in their basement. Many of these "coaches" (a term I will use very loosely) recruit players from AAU tournaments with all kids of false promises.

Sadly this problem has now hit the football circuit. As players names are now more accessible you have these new football programs targeting players. The newest phenomenon is the travel 7 on 7 teams (dare I say AAU football). These and some of the combines are flat out meat markets for these leaches at Prep Schools.

The NCAA needs to step up and ban credits and transcripts from these "academic" ??? institutions. Lets step up and control this problem before it gets even worse.

Prep Schools could have their place. If a player is just short of qualifying for an athletic scholarship then and only after 4 complete years of high school should prep schools come into play. Recommended Stories

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